54% Of Spain’s Electricity Generation In April From Renewables

Spanish Electricity generation from renewables in April set a new record, beating March’s previous record. PV Magazine notes renewables accounted for 54% of the country’s electricity generation in April, outpacing last month’s total of 51.8%.

Spanish hydropower made up 25% of April’s overall electricity generation. Meanwhile, wind power was second with 22%. Solar photovoltaic energy provided 3.6%, and solar thermal energy had 1.3%, based on Red Electrica De Espana (REE) data.

While it’s still only the month of May, if the current pattern continues to hold, electricity demand coming from renewable sources may very well surpass recent years in the country.

In 2006, renewable energy in Spain accounted for 19% of the electricity generated. In seven years, those numbers have grown, reaching a peak of 35% in 2010, while keeping steady around the 33%-32% mark in 2011 and 2012.

Gazing ahead, with Spain marching towards a sustainable energy mix, wind and solar will need to lead the way. Last year, wind power provided 18.2% of Spain’s energy, while solar photovoltaic 3.0% and solar thermal 1.3% of total demand, according to REE.

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Wind Power is very popular because it has a lot of FANS.
Good to see Spain being role models but how come so little solar power compared to ex wind...

Spain has a lot of sun sooo...

Because the solar panel, can only process a small percentage (-10%)of the sun arriving to it. Therefore and until the panel process the complete amount of sun energy, when not multiplying it, the system is a failure. Soon will be possible to create more clean energy in Spain that the country needs, and also transfer the methodology and technology to the USA, and any other country around the world. Just to create a better world to breath in!!! Wait and see. Regards. jr.

Good! i wanna see more of that! and i wanna see it all around the globe!


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