Rawlemon’s Spherical Solar Energy-Generating Globes Can Even Harvest Energy from Moonlight

The solar energy designers at Rawlemon have created a spherical, sun-tracking glass globe that is able to concentrate sunlight (and moonlight) up to 10,000 times. The company claims that its ß.torics system is 35% more efficient than traditional dual-axis photovoltaic designs, and the fully rotational, weatherproof sphere is even capable of harvesting electricity from moonlight.

The ß.torics system was invented by Barcelona-based German Architect André Broessel. He sought to create a solar system that could be embedded in the walls of buildings so that they may act as both windows and energy generators. But the project isn’t only noteworthy for its solar efficiency capabilities -  the ß.torics  system is designed to generate lunar energy too!

The spheres are able to concentrate diffused moonlight into a steady source of energy. The futuristic ß.torics system is catching a lot of attention for its clean and beautiful design. (Despite solar power’s huge potential, we haven’t seen too many beautiful solar power technologies). We’re excited to see how architects will incorporate these energy generating orbs into alternative energy agendas and future building designs!


Glad to see You people are bringing ingenuity, and common-sense to a much needed solar technology, hopefully someday, we'll all be able to generate our own energy, and put an end to the ever rising cost of energy, that we purchase from Hydro-Commissions.Keep up the Good work! Sincerely, R. MacMurran

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what is it made of? how much does it costs to build? how much energy does it generate? It is beautiful. thx

Interesting technology. Excellent questions. Can't find the answers on the internet, so far.

what do you mean, you people? 0.O

The inventor will now get killed and this article will disappear.

yeah the government is gunna kill the creator.

theyll get him on some kinda fake wmd conspiracy and start another war over it

nah, it's not that efficient, they will probably actively promote it as a red hearing...

Not sure if irony... -_-
The tech isn't new, but this sure is a beautiful implementation. :)

I hear it also relieves the symptoms of paronoia

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No, the government is NOT going to make this dissapear if we share it enough. Please gentlemen, a little hope ?!

Vince, it is just a magnifying glass! Every house should have one on the roof lol. There is ALWAYS hope...

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You can melt steel with this system.
Also with the Fresnel lens taken from a back projected TV screen.
Try it. I have.

How many KW/H does it produce, midday and midnight? What is maintenance like? Does it only work at certain latitudes?

Where's the information? :(

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