Forze team unveils new hydrogen-powered racer

After five years of development the team made a big step forward due to a significant increase in performance and size. For the first time in the team’s history, the new car has the size of a regular street car and packs super car-ish performance. The new car is called the Forze VI and contains six times the power of last years’ car. “With the car we can shock and revolutionize the race world” says Michel Haak, team manager of Forze. Since last summer (2012) the team worked on the new car and many hours of engineering time have been invested in this final design, which will be built during this spring. Coming summer the car will race on circuits in the Benelux against petrol powered cars in the Caterham Cup. Besides that, the team will also race on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. The Green Car will try to conquer the Green Hell and break the lap record for hydrogen powered vehicles.

With a bigger and faster car the team wants to demonstrate the possibilities of hydrogen fuel cell systems. It is definitely a useful alternative besides petrol and batteries. With a peak power of 190 kW (260 hp) the car will accelerate from 0-100 km/hour in under four seconds. The nominal power is being produced inside the fuel cell system, which has been developed by the Forze team. Because the car is being powered by a fuel cell system, the only emission is pure water.
The car uses electric motors to power the drivetrain: two powerful motors drive the rear wheels independently and because of that, a special type of electric differential can be used. This system can make a car a few seconds faster every lap. Many smart systems are used to make the car as fast and safe as possible. For example the water produced by the fuel cell will be used to cool the brakes. A computer is being used to control the fuel cell system, electric differential and multiple safety systems.

This year, the Forze team aims to participate in the Dutch Caterham Cup. This race league is based on Lotus 7 type cars. These cars produce around 200 bhp with a weight of only 550 kg. Around 10 races are planned this year and the competition is active on circuits throughout the BeNeLux. A racing license and many safety features are mandatory. At this moment the team has two experienced drivers with a racing license. Most events in the cup are one day events and sometimes more than 30 cars compete in one race. The field is highly competitive and it will be a big challenge for the Forze VI to race in the middle of these petrol powered super cars.