Powering Electric Vehicles

To help shoulder grid expenditure from growing electric vehicle sales, RevTech is developing a virtual power plant platform and fast response energy storage capacity

More than one million electric vehicles are expected to be sold in the U.S. within the next four years. To help shoulder this significant grid expenditure, RevTech is developing a virtual power plant platform and fast response energy storage capacity for EVs to deliver multiple services to ISOs, utilities, microgrids, and building managers or owners. From the 2012 VERGE DC conference.


All electric vehicles run by electricity . They are used with electric motor. This are the Electric Vehicles are the vehicles:

which are used by the chemical energy and rechargeable batteries packs with electric motors and motor controllers of internal combustion engine. Electric vehicles have several advantages and disadvantages. But ,its really very helpful and essential role in the Automobile sector and globally. With internal combustion engine it has various benefits , Firstly it reduces energy dependence as, Electricity is domestic energy source . There is a less requirement of maintenance in Internal Combustion Engine. Electric motors provide smooth quite save operation with a good acceleration. Its really benefit to environment Plants causes no air pollutants, hence its create a friendly environment and many more. But there is cons means a risky side that is battery cost, bulky and having weight etc. http://monacomotors.com/services.htm

After diesel and petrol engine we have found electric engines; or we may called it as electric vehicles. Most probably to escape from fuel prices we should prefer electric vehicles; therefore in most of the regions we have found electric substations for charging electric vehicles. Day by day the demands of electric vehicles are rapidly increases as due to its effective features and better performance. To be very honest people were now days used to prefer electric vehicles instead of fuel engines. As fuel engine needs regular maintenance, repair and service. So instead of fuel engine we should prefer electric engines; otherwise we are suffering from huge vehicle maintenance and service problems.

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