NFL & NBA Streaming with Batman Streams

Having a strong passion for a particular sport is exciting. But being an avid sports fan quickly makes you dependent on the tools that help you to fulfill this passion. And when it comes to live sports streaming services like BatmanStream, sports enthusiasts tend to take the convenience for granted.

Yet, it is not uncommon for live sports streaming websites to go down often, sometimes exactly when you need them. And BatmanStream is certainly no exception. Luckily, though, alternative live streaming services can easily come to the rescue.

Let us see what services we can use when BatmanStream isn’t working.

VIPRow Sports

With its live streams covering up to 30 different sports, VIPRow Sports certainly deserves the attention of every sports enthusiast. Available in several languages and boasting its intuitive design, the VIPRow Sports website is very accessible. As such, it supports virtually any device, be it a PC or a phone.

In addition to online sports broadcasts, VIPRow Sports provides its users with access to various TV channels and TV shows. Furthermore, the VIPRow Sports live streaming service doesn’t require you to sign up to be able to enjoy its broadcasts. The service is also free and comes with no geo-restrictions.


Featuring minimalist design, the 12thPlayer website provides sports enthusiasts with easy access to live streams of various kinds of sports. Despite its selection of sports being rather modest, the 12thPlayer service covers popular sports like soccer, hockey, tennis, and others.

On top of the above, the 12thPlayer live streaming service is free, requires no signing up, and has no geo-blocking. As a result, it allows you to access its online sports broadcasts in an instant and regardless of your location.


This live streaming service covers a rich variety of sports from around the world. From beach volleyball and beach soccer to water sports and table tennis, CricFree has something for almost every sports fan. With its live streams being free to access, the service has no sign-up and no geo-restrictions.

At CricFree, most sports fans will enjoy using the schedule of upcoming events for the sports that this service covers. Furthermore, the CricFree streaming service comes with a chat room. With its help, sports enthusiasts can share their insights about the events in their favorite sports right on the platform.

SportRar TV

Formerly known as Sportlemon, Fromsport, and Fromhot, SportRar TV is a live streaming service covering a diverse range of sports. As such, it provides sports fans with access to online broadcasts of different sports, including volleyball, handball, baseball, and others.

Besides offering live streams of various sports, the SportRar TV website includes a schedule of upcoming events in each sport. Thanks to this feature, SportRar TV helps its users to keep track of what’s happening in the sports they adore.

Despite being free and easily accessible, though, the SportRar TV service has a limitation that some sport fans may dislike. To be specific, the SportRar TV website provides access only to those sports streams and TV channels that are official.


LiveTV is an online platform that provides broadcasts of a diverse selection of sports from around the globe. As such, it covers over 12 distinct categories of sports, including combat sports, American football, baseball, ice hockey, and others. It also stores the records of events from the sports it streams.

On top of the above, the LiveTV streaming service includes a number of other features many sports fans can appreciate. Namely, the platform includes a forum and allows its users to join various fan clubs based on their sports affiliations. It also has options for those sports fans who are into betting.


Boasting its elegant design, the Redstream streaming service covers events from up to 20 different sports from around the world. As such, it provides its users with online broadcasts of fights, racing championships, American football matches, and rugby games alike.

The Redstream website is also available in multiple languages and accessible from a variety of devices, including computers and tablets. The service’s live sports streams are not restricted to only certain geographic locations and are free to watch from anywhere.

The Redstream live sports streaming service, however, requires its users to go through verification to watch its online sports broadcasts. Alternately, the users have an option to download an extension to be able to watch the service’s live sports streams.


No matter what particular sport you are a fan of, chances are the Stream2Watch includes online broadcasts of its events. In fact, this live sports streaming platform covers almost 20 different kinds of sports. And provides its users with access to over 450 TV channels from Europe and North America.

At the same time, the Stream2Watch service accommodates users with fast and slow Internet connections alike. Its live feeds are also easy to access from almost any type of device, be it a phone or a desktop computer. In addition, Stream2Watch is free, has no geo-restrictions, and elicits no sign-up.


WatchSportOnline is a fairly straightforward live streaming service that broadcasts sports events from around the world. It features six sport servers and covers a rather nice selection of different sports. As a result, its users can use the platform to enjoy their favorite sports online, from handball to motor sports.

Despite its website having a simple design, the WatchSportOnline service has been providing online sports broadcasts for over a decade. Being free and requiring no signing up, the service makes it easy to instantly tune in to your favorite sport. And it does so without regard to where you are.

How Well Do These Sports Streaming Websites Work?

Most live sports streaming services are unpredictable in terms of their functionality. One day your favorite website may be up and running, and the other day you may have problems accessing it. If BatmanStream isn’t working for you, the above alternatives can be decent backup options to use.

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