LetMeWatchThis Primewire Alternatives

There is no shortage of websites online promising to give you all of the free, high-quality movies that will be delivered without any type of waiting straight to your computer or tablet for your viewing pleasure.  However, with that being said, the actual truth behind it is that this is normally not the case when it comes to these online streaming websites. In fact, most of these types of sites are actually packed full of different types of dangerous ads and other forms of malware that can do some serious harm to your computer, as well as the data that is stored on your computer.  However, there is actually one particular website that is an exception to this, that site being LetMeWatchThis.

What Exactly is LetMeWatchThis?

While LetMeWatchThis may have a familiar feel and look to many of the other online movie streaming websites, it is actually completely different, but in a good way.  Previously being called PrimeWire, the site was split up into three different platforms, those being LetMeWatchThis, PrimeWire, and 1Channel.

You may be wondering why a site would split into three smaller sites.  The reason that they have decided to do this was because the site just simply become way to popular for its own good.  You see, most of the online streaming sites become popular because they offer its visitors an opportunity to gain free access to certain copyrighted content.  The people who are the copyright holders such as the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America), do not like this one bit.

When any of the online streaming movie sites start to grow to a size that is so big that it can start to threaten how much revenue that the major motion picture studios are going to earn, this MPAA organization is then going to start to put extra pressure on all of the internet service providers and have them start to block users from accessing that particular streaming website.  And since this is exactly what had happened to the website PrimeWire, the owners of the site decided to break it down into three smaller sites as opposed to try and deal with the MPAA like that.

With all of that being said, you must keep in mind that not every single internet service provider is going to go out of their way to try and censor the internet, there are many of them that will do it eventually.  There is good news however, that being that you are very easily able to get past most of the content blocking efforts that your internet service provider has put into place using what is known as a VPN, or virtual private network.

Now that you know all about LetMeWatchThis, you may be curious to discover some other sites that are considered to be good alternatives that you can check out.

The Best Alternative Sites That Are Similar to LetMeWatchThis



The site Popcornflix is one of the very few online streaming websites that you will come across that actually has a .com in its domain name.  The site gives you access to many different types of television shows and movies that are all great quality and stream quickly. They have so many different movies and television shows, that they have even categorized their entire catalog by the genre of the show or movie, which makes it much easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for.  Popcornflix is a great and safe alternative to LetMeWatchThis and is definitely worth checking out if you are in search for a different online streaming site.  


If you are looking for an outstanding alternative to LetMeWatchThis that allows you to stream high-quality movies online for free, then 123Movie is the place you have been looking for.  With a site that is easy to navigate and that has been beautifully designed, the site is going to present you with all of the movies available in all of their glory, even having multiple mirror links that allows you to access each of the movies that the site hosts.


CoolMovieZone is one of the online movie streaming websites that has figured out how to do just about everything right, with the exception being the one thing that they are actually doing wrong.  While this may not be a huge deal to most people, for some it can be a deal-breaker. You see, what CoolMovieZone tries to do is to trick all of the new visitors into getting registered on different sites that don’t necessarily have anything to do with the actual website.  You may be asking yourself why they would want you to register for other sites that are not related in any way to CoolMovieZone. The answer to this is quite simple, as everyone they get to register on one of the non-related websites, they are going to make a little bit of money.  With that in mind, all you will need to do in order to make sure you get straight to streaming your movie is to only use the external links that are going to be located right below the movies that you would like to watch. If you are able to do this, you will have no problems and be absolutely fine.


The popular streaming site SolarMovie has tons of television shows and movies from all the genres that you can ever think of, some of which are even from completely different countries.  Each of the movies and television shows have all been properly tagged, which makes trying to find exactly what it is you are looking for much easier. In fact, you can even find other movies that feature the same actor, or even the same director if you wanted too.  To top that off, most of the content that you are going to find on SolarMovie is going to be in HD but be warned that you may occasionally run into some CAM release content if what you are trying to stream is too new.


If you are looking for the granddaddy of all online movie streaming websites, PutLocker is it.  Even though PutLocker has had to deal with several different domain name seizures over the past several years, it continues to survive all of the attempts that have been made to disband the website and has actually thrived in the process of doing so.  This is due mainly in part to the fact that they offer a collection of the more recently released movies and television shows, as well as the timeless classics, that will simply make you say ‘wow’. On top of having one of the largest selections of new and old movies that can be found online today, they also offer its users the options of cartoons, Asian dramas, and even anime.


If you love watching television shows through streaming online sites, Vumoo is going to become your new favorite site to visit.  This is because they have organized all of their content so that you can easily and quickly find the exact episode of the television show that you are looking to watch.  In fact, when you go to start streaming, it will actually list all of the episodes that are available to you right there in the media player, which allows you to binge-watch your show’s entire season without ever needing to get up or take a break.  If you are wondering how they are able to do this, just know that most of the episodes that they offer are going to be hosted through multiple servers, which means that you will seamlessly be able to switch between them with ease, going from one episode to the next one hiccup-free.


Afdah is a unique site as it is considered to be more of a web scraper that is going to index all of the movie sites that are online but doesn’t actually host any content on its own servers.  Essentially, Afdah scrapes all of the different movie genres, some of which include, adventure, action, biography, animation, comedy, documentary, crime, family, drama, fantasy, history, film-noir, horror, musical, music, news, mystery, romance, short, sci-fi, sport, thriller, talk-show, western, and war.  You then find the move that you would like to watch, and it will send you to the site that has the movie ready for you to start streaming.


If you are looking for an online movie streaming website that doesn’t display a ton of those annoying popup ads which ruins your movie watching experience and then constantly causes your movie to have to pause and buffer, you have just found it.  SnagFilms provides you with all of these convenient features and so much more.

When you are looking for an alternative streaming movie site for LetMeWatchThis, it can quickly become overwhelming with all of the options available to you.  While there may be a ton of sites to choose from, that doesn’t mean that they are all going to be quality sites that offer a great streaming experience. The sites listed above are all trusted and proven as the best LetMeWatchThis alternatives.

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