Danielle Trofe's Hourglass LED Lamps Use the Kinetic Power of Sand to Produce Light

After the debut of her Live Screen hydroponic garden during NY Design Week 2012, Brooklyn-based designer Danielle Trofe is returning this year with a new series of off-the-grid LED lighting fixtures that are illuminated using the power of falling sand. Based on the shape of the hourglass, the new lamps need to be flipped to continue working and require the user’s involvement to stimulate awareness of the finite nature of lighting energy sources.

The Hourglass Floor Table Lamp works by harnessing kinetic energy from falling sand. The four-foot-tall lean Hourglass Floor Lamp is suspended and rotates on a hinge so it can be easily flipped once the sand runs out. The table version follows a similar principle and features slight design adjustments needed to facilitate its repositioning and optimal light directionality.

The new lighting series will be exhibited at the Wanted Design 2013 exhibit during NYC’s design week this month, along with Trofe’s award-winning Live Screen vertical garden.