An in-water wearable monitor to make swimming safer and more enjoyable

The SEAL wearable swim monitor and drowning detection system offers an extra layer of protection.   It issues accurate and unmistakable warnings and alarms to lifeguards and parents so that they can overcome distractions to respond to a swimmer in distress before medical complications or drowning ensues. Drowning is the #1 cause of traumatic death for children under the age of 5, and the #2 cause of accidental death for all kids in the United States. In this extraordinary age of technology, isn’t it time to bring wireless applications to the swimming pool?

Using its patented SwimSafe™ technology, the SEAL system creates a virtual safety network between swimmers, guards, and parents by wirelessly connecting wearable swimmer and guard/parent bands through a compact, portable monitoring hub. Each swimmer band continually reports the swimmer’s status to both the central hub and to the guard/parent band, and each band contains a unique electronic signature so many swimmers can be simultaneously monitored.

After completing a fully functioning prototype and then developing an attractive enclosure that has the right form and fit, the company is now in the design for manufacture process ahead of its commercial release later this year in 2013.

If the system detects a swimmer in distress, interim warnings followed by a high-intensity audio, visual, and vibrating alarm are triggered on the swimmer band(s), the guard/parent band(s) and the central hub. The SEAL also incorporates warning and full-alert alarms in the event of power failure, out-of-range signal failure, or if a swimmer has unclasped his or her band. Once in warning or alarm state, The SEAL system requires the applicable swimmers to tap the central hub, close the loop, and confirm all is well. Every device in the system is aware of, and will report, the absence of any other device, which means the SEAL is fault-tolerant and fail-safe in helping parents and lifeguards to be more reliable and responsive than they are today.

Clicking a special orange front cover onto a band instantly configures that band to be notified of every activity and alarm on all the other bands, allowing a parent or guard to swim and move about the pool while simultaneously keeping track of the status of each swimmer connected to its system. Best of all, it protects the wearer too by notifying the hub and other guard bands if they become a swimmer in distress. Since the band covers are interchangeable, the SEAL can be configured with any ratio of swim and guard bands to support all possible scenarios.

Most pool alarms on the market today signal if someone has fallen into the water, with the goal of keeping people safe by restricting access to the pool. But it’s hard to learn to swim without getting wet. The SEAL system lets swimmers play, jump, dive, and even hold their breath yet remain safe in the water while wearing a comfortable, wireless swim band.