Urban Farm in London


How much food can we grow in this shop?

Something & Son are finding out by converting 20 Dalston Lane, a derelict shop into  London's first urban farming hub - a gallery and events venue packed to the rafters with living and breathing food - literally a farm in a shop. 

The project is being built and designed by Something & Son with the help of the fantastic organisations below and a growing team of volunteers.

A lot has been done so far to spruce the shop up and build our food growing machines but you can expect much more over the next few months when the shop fills up with crops.  We'll be open to the public on the October 31st 2010 for a sneak preview of the project in progress, after which we will open for a tour every Friday to SUNDAY AT 1pm. 

Once open we hope FARM:shop will become the meeting place of choice for London's food lovers and urban farmers aswell as a special place to rest your feet, have a coffee and smell the countryside next time you're down in Dalston.

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