Charge Your Electric Vehicle Wirelessly

We’ve seen mats that allow you to charge your gadgets cordlessly just by placing them down (Chevy actually just unveiled the one that is going to be in all of their new Volts), but how about something a little bit larger – like a whole car? Well, that’s exactly what Fulton Innovation‘s eCoupled technology does. Showcased at CES this week, the induction charger can re-juice your electric vehicle with no unruly wires necessary – all you have to do is park it.

Fulton’s eCoupled wireless charging tech was originally created for smaller electronics, and they say that this is the first time it’s been able to wirelessly charge a “high-powered device.” The company demonstrated the new technology, dubbed the PowerSpot, by powering up a shiny, red Tesla Roadster. The “spot” appears as a blue halo on the floor of your garage, and you can engage the accompanying adapter fitted to the underbody of your electric vehicle as long as you park it about 4? (in the case of the Tesla) over the induction pad.

You won’t be able to buy it just yet, but the technology seems promising and Fulton is looking to make its system the go-to wireless kit.