Underwater Ocean City for the Future

Forty years from now, Australia, as well as the rest of the world, could look dramatically different — possibly even underwater, like this ‘Ocean City’ concept by Arup Biomimetics. Dubbed Syph, the proposed underwater city, results when land begins to disappear and the value of what remains sky-rockets, and people are unable to afford living on land.

Syph evolves into a collection of organisms with specialized functions like energy generation and sustainable food production that work together to form a new underwater city. Ocean City is just one of many designs in a competition to design Australia’s future as part of the “Now + When Australian Urbanism Exhibition“.

Many of the concepts anticipate a changed climate — one with higher ocean levels that will necessitate new architecture and transportation networks. Other concepts like the ‘Fear Free City’ are centered around a world where there is no longer fear or antisocial behavior. All the amenities are close by within walking distance, and no one has to commute, allowing people more recreational time. The ‘Island Proposition 2100? anticipates a world that is hyper-connected via maglev technology, which limits urban sprawl and increases efficiency. Many more concepts will be on display starting August 29th through November 21st in Venice.

As part of the 2010 Venice Beinnale, the Australian Pavilion is showcasing a series of designs that envision Australia 40 years or more from now. Designers were asked to think beyond our current situation and image what life could be like, given the context of global climate change, strains on natural resources, and evolving mentalities. Over 120 entries were submitted, and 17 of them will be showcased in the Australia Pavilion during the Biennale. Visitors will have a chance to view the concepts using 3d stereoscopic technology, which allows the visitors to move around these urban scenes and experience the new worlds from different perspectives.

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