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OMGChat is a free and famous online chatting platform. This platform is so big that people from various parts of the world can meet in a big community. This website is not just free, it is open to people from various parts of the world. All you need to do to enjoy all that it offers is to log on to the OMGChat website and connect with people from all over the world.

On OMGChat, you are not limited to a certain type of chat. You can make use of voice, as well as video chats. The type of chat you want to take part in is absolutely up to you.

OMG is no doubt very popular. It, however, is not the only site for chatting with both people you know and people you do not know. There are lots of other chatting platforms that can serve as alternatives to OMG.

Contained in this article are top OMGChat alternatives. Read on to find out.


This is open to people from various parts of the world. It makes webcam chat rooms available to people for the purpose of communicating with others. To take advantage of what ShockRooms has to offer, all you need to do is turn up as a visitor. Once this is done, you can begin chatting with other people immediately. There are lots of people on this platform, running in their thousands. Due to this, there will always be people available for you to chat with.


ChatIW is an alternative to OMGChat that makes it easy to connect with people from different regions of the world. You do not need to know people in person before you can go ahead and chat with them on ChatIW. Although open to all types of people, this chat site was built with singles in mind. If you are single and are in search of a chat site to build connections with new people, ChatIW is a platform you should give a try.

ChatIW is very advanced. Due to this, it is easy to locate your contacts and also build lasting relationships through chats.

Bit Chat

Bit Chat is open and secure. It can be trusted by anyone that is looking for a good level of privacy and security when chatting online. This chat platform makes use of very recent technologies in helping you communicate via its platform. In addition to being a great alternative to OMGChat, Bit Chat has an open-source and can, therefore, be easily improved. As a result of this, chatting on Bit Chat never gets outdated.


Just as its name states, this chat platform is guaranteed to provide you with the right level of security when chatting. Supported by the OTR encryption, ChatSecure is a platform that can be enjoyed by virtually everyone without the need to pay a fee. 

While ChatSecure is an amazing alternative to OMGChat, it has a special feature which makes it appealing to a lot of people; users of this chat platform can link their Google accounts to their accounts on the ChatSecure platform. is a chatting platform that can play the role of an alternative to OMGChat. Unlike a lot of other platforms for chatting, this platform can be used for both official, as well as unofficial purposes. So, it does not matter what you intend to achieve. As far as communication is involved, can be trusted. is a great way to communicate with both individuals you know and those you do not know. This platform functions well without the need for a server. This is one way it differs from other chat platforms. That’s not all. is very private and can be used in communicating discreetly. Furthermore, you do not need any form of fees before you are able to make use of this chat platform.


E-Chat is absolutely free. This chat platform provides rooms where individuals that love to chat can hang out and almost feel like they are hanging out physically.


This alternative to OMGChat can be used without the need to install extra plugins. It is fast, secure, and absolutely stable.


All4Masti is characterized by fun and entertainment. It is a very large platform for chatting with friends. It contains a good number of chatrooms and can be used without paying a fee.

Pidgin- Encryption

This chat platform can be used to comfortably engage in multiple chats. Although very secure, it can be used by virtually everyone. You do not have to be a tech expert to make use of this chat platform. Pidgin-encryption makes use of the RSA encryption and can be trusted for its transparency.


You are guaranteed to come in contact with amazing people on this chat platform. Beyond just chatting random people that you have never met, you can make good friends on Zobe. This online chat platform has a reputation for being one of the best places on the internet where you can meet new people and build a long-lasting connection.


ZChat can be used by individuals from virtually every part of the world. It is a free platform and one that offers flawless chats for those looking to connect with friends, as well as meet new people.


On ChatCrypt, you can decide to have one on one chats or build groups for people that have something in common. This chatting platform is not just considered one of the available alternatives to OMGChat, it is also considered one of the best sites for chatting with family and friends.


Cyph is absolutely free and also secure. The messages sent on this platform are encrypted. This implies that they cannot be accessed by lone hackers.


With Chatzy, you can have access to chatrooms that are both free and private. As a user of this platform, you can come up with your chat room. Once done, you can begin to invite people via mail to chat with you in the room you created.

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