Suikoden 6

Suikoden was released in 1995. It was produced for Sony PlayStation by Konami. This game which is a love role-playing game is not just a single game. It is a series of games and had a good level of popularity all around the world. Although the Suikoden series is famous around the world, it is more popular in Japan. Contained in this game series are various games which are based on themes such as revolution politics, Mystical crystals, corruption, etc.

Since the inception of the Suikoden series, Konami has gone on to release five series of this game. Since the release of the fifth series of this game, nothing has been heard about the release of the sixth Suikoden Series. Although a game is yet to be released for the sixth series of Suikoden, rumors have it that a game might be released very soon. While these rumors are fairly popular, how true are they? Read on to find out if Suikoden 6 will be released.

In 2016, Konami made it general knowledge that it would put its attention on Mobile gaming because of the level of popularity that mobile gaming enjoys in Japan and would put an end to the development of console games. Due to the fact that Konami announced that it was not going to continue developing console games, a lot of people were of the idea that there was not going to be a new Suikoden Series. While this does not go down well with fans of the Suikoden Series, console games are no longer as profitable as they used to be. As a matter of fact, Konami, alongside other studios in Japan make more profits form mobile games than they do from console gaming.

How Suikoden Became a Series

When Suikoden was first released in 1995, the aim of its release was not for it to become a series. It, however, was converted into a series because of the level of success it enjoyed in Japan, as well as other parts of the world. 

After the release of Suikoden in 1995, it was widely accepted in Japan and saw a good level of acceptance in the world at large. Due to this occurrence, Josh Atacama Yama who was in charge of  Suikoden decided it was going to be profitable for the firm to go on with Suikoden and make a Suikoden 2. The second release of Suikoden involved a release for Sega Saturn, as well as Microsoft Windows. Although these two releases were successful in Japan, they were unknown in other parts of the world.

The Concept of Suikoden

If you have ever played a game of Suikoden, you can tell that it is a gaming series that is based on a classic Chinese novel. This novel is one of the novels that were popular in the 14th century and based on outlaws that were looking to build an army. While a lot of people believe that Suikoden is based on the Chinese novel, according to Murayama, this game is not based on the Chinese novel. Contrary to what a lot of people think, this game is extracted from a novel but not exactly about the content of the novel.

Suikoden, no doubt was a very successful game when it was released. While its success can be attributed to many reasons, one reason why it was successful was it did not have a lot of similarities with other role play games that existed in the 1990s and the fact that players had to take part in duels, build and arm, and even strategize while laying the game made it famous. Suikoden was filled with lots of great ideas and made members of the public expect something much better from games that came after it.

About Suikoden 2

After the release of Suikoden in 1995, Suikoden 2 was released. It was based on the same storyline as the first Suikoden release. It, however, had different characters. In addition to having different characters, its plot was different and it was in a different part of the world. Although it is now considered a classic, Suikoden 2 was regarded as one of the best RPG in its time and also of all time.

After Suikoden 2 made its way into Europe and North America in 2000, while it was more successful than other RPGs, it did not enjoy the level of sales they enjoyed. Due to this, it is still expensive.

The Release of Suikoden 1 and 2 Visual Novels

A couple of visual novels were released between 1999 and 2001. These visual novels were released by Konami, alongside a fresh Suikoden team. These visuals were called Suika Gaiden and never made it out of the shores of Japan. After a short while, Konami came up with Suikoden 3. This took place in 2002. This game was released with PlayStation 2 in mind and was made up of four protagonists instead of a passive protagonist. Out of these four protagonists, three had personalities and one didn’t.

Suikoden 3 was very successful commercially. It enjoyed a good deal of positive feedback from many regions of the world. Although it is believed by lots of people that Suikoden 3 was successful in all the regions of the world, the truth remains it was only successful in Japan and in the United States.

Calls for the Release of Suikoden 3 in Europe

While a lot of people in Europe looked forward to playing Suikoden 3, Konami’s reason for not releasing this game in Europe was because it did not want to go through the process of translating this game into various languages. If Suikoden 3 was to be released in Europe, it could not be released in only English Language. Every language had to be represented.

Suikoden 3 was the last series of Suikoden which had Murayama and his team in charge. After the release of Suikoden 3, Mickey Higashino who was in the music department went on leave.

While a lot of people are not sure why Murayama decided to move on from the job, he made it known that the reason he was leaving was the contract he signed with Konami which was valid for 10 years had come to an end. This contract was signed in 1993 and expired in 2003. After the expiration of Murayama’s contract, his name was removed from those that got credit for the production of Suikoden 3. Just like what happens in other series after the departure of a long-time author, Suikoden was never the same.

The Release of Suikoden 4 

The release of Suikoden 3 was no doubt successful. Due to this, Suikoden 4 was released without any form of dilly –dally. Suikoden 4 was released in 2003. Although officially released in Japan in 2003, it only made to Europe and North America in 2004.

Suikoden 4 was written by Junko Kawano who was the artist in charge of Suikoden 1 and directed by Masa Dukey Tsuruta. Although Junko Kawano who was put in charge of Suikoden 4 had never really been active on any other Suikoden series apart from Suikoden 1. Due to this, Suikoden 4 was not as successful as any of its predecessors. As a matter of fact, outside the shores of Japan, it was considered to be a major flop.

The Crash of Suikoden

Shortly after the release of Suikoden 4, Konami came to the conclusion that Junko Kowano did not have what it takes to handle the Suikoden series. Due to this, Konami decided to work with Hudson Soft.  With the help of Hudson Soft, in 2006, Konami was able to come up with Suikoden 5. Apart from the fact that Konami got some help from Hudson Soft in making Suikoden 5, it had the same people on the team as had worked on previous Suikoden series.

Although the last Suikoden game yet, Suikoden 5 is considered by a lot of people to the best Suikoden series. Although one of the best Suikoden series, this game did not hit the floor running. When it first got released, it was not loved by a lot of people. The reason why it did not get the expected level of love for its target audience is Murayama was not in charge, its release had been delayed for too long, and it featured some foreign tactics which did not go down well with a lot of people.

A Reduced Success Rate

Konami put out a Spinoff in 2008. A year later, this spinoff was made available to gamers in North America and in Europe. Just like the previous game it produced, this spinoff which was put out by Konami had the same set of people in charge. These people, however, did not play the same roles they played in the previous game they handled. Due to this, the Spinoff that Konami made attempts at releasing was not as successful as it had expected.

Will Suikoden 6 be Released?

Suikoden 5 has been released and it is 12 years already. Still, there are no clear signs that Suikoden 6 will be released anytime soon. Although Suikoden 6 is yet to be released, Konami released something in 2012.  This was Suikoden the Women Web of a century. A lot of people hoped Suikoden was going to be released for the PSP. Contrary to the expectation of fans, it was released for Sony Consoles and was only available in Japan.

At the moment, Suikoden 6 is not out. Also, no one knows what date it will be released as none has been stated officially. While people await the release of Suikoden 6, there is a huge likelihood that Suikoden 6 might actually never be released. Why is this so? While there could be lots of reasons for this assumption, there is a major factor that fuels this line of thought. This factor is; as it stands Konami seems to have put out more Spinoffs than they have put out Suikoden series.

The Release Date of Suikoden 6

 At the moment Konami does not have the right level of sales that can attract investors. It has been revealed that the profit made by this firm is not tied to Suikoden. So far, five series of Suikoden have been released. Of these five series, three have not fared badly. The other two were not very well received.

Konami does not have a reputation for selling IP Titles to other firms. This implies that Konami might never release a new version of Suikoden. This will definitely disappoint a lot of fans. So, if Suikoden 6 is one game you really enjoy playing, time might be right for you to look out for alternatives. As it stands, there are games which are not made by Konami but can be considered alternatives to Suikoden. Let’s look through some of these games

Radiata Stories

Radiata stories was put out in 2005. It follows a storyline that has some similarities with Suikoden but have fight strategies that differ from those in Suikoden. Featured on Radiata Stories are 176 characters and it is basically about an existing war between non-humans and humans. If you like Suikoden, there is a huge likelihood that you will enjoy playing Radiata Stories.

Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross is not a very recent game. It was released in 2001 and is a game that is based on “Radical Dreamers”. Featured on Chrono Cross are 45 characters. Just like in Suikoden, the characters in Chrono Cross work side by side to come up with an army.

Skies of Arcadia

Skies of Arcadia was released in 2000. This was done for PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Dreamcast. Also, it was released by Sega. The battle system in Skies of Arcadia has certain similarities with that in Suikoden. In addition to the similarities in battle system that is shared by Skies of Arcadia and Suikoden, there are also some other similarities that are significant. Going by this, if you love Suikoden, then, you can be certain that you will enjoy playing Skies of Arcadia.

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