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  • Construction steelwork makes its 3D printing premiere

    Using the latest 3D printing techniques, or more accurately, ‘additive manufacturing’ – the Arup team has produced a design method for critical structural steel elements for use in complex projects.

  • Nest building, 3D printing aerial robots developed by researchers

    Swiftlets are tiny birds that build nests using their own saliva. In a world first, scientists from Imperial College London have developed a prototype 3D printing Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV) that mimics the way that swiftlets...

  • New 3D cartilage printing technology could combat Osteoarthritis

    Causing severe pain and loss of mobility in joints such as knees and fingers, Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disorder in the world. In Western populations it is one of the most frequent causes of pain, loss of...

  • Chinese company uses 3D printing to build 10 houses in a day

    This small home may look plain, but it represents a significant achievement in rapid construction. A Chinese company has demonstrated the capabilities of its giant 3D printer by rapidly constructing 10 houses in less than 24...

  • New Ultra-fast 3D Printer In Works

    Speed. We do not like to wait. Printing a document on a laser printer makes us antsy and that’s fairly quick. Printing a large item on many 3D printers takes an eternity, but the U.S. Government wants to help. The U.S.

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