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  • The Entropy of Nations

    The 18th century writer Adam Smith provided a workable metaphor for the way society utilizes resources.  In his book “The Wealth of Nations,” he argued that even as individuals strive, through personal...

  • 'Hybrid' nuclear plants could make a dent in carbon emissions

    Many efforts to smooth out the variability of renewable energy sources — such as wind and solar power — have focused on batteries, which could fill gaps lasting hours or days.

  • Picking Apart Photosynthesis

    Chemists at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory believe they can now explain one of the remaining mysteries of photosynthesis, the chemical process by which plants...

  • New Type of Solar Structure Cools Buildings in Full Sunlight

    Homes and buildings chilled without air conditioners. Car interiors that don't heat up in the summer sun. Tapping the frigid expanses of outer space to cool the planet. Science fiction, you say? Well, maybe not any more.

  • Trees Used to Create Recyclable, Efficient Solar Cell

    Solar cells are just like leaves, capturing the sunlight and turning it into energy. It’s fitting that they can now be made partially from trees. Georgia Institute of Technology and Purdue University researchers have...

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The Entropy of Nations
'Hybrid' nuclear plants could make a dent in carbon emissions
Illustration: Christine Daniloff/MIT
Picking Apart Photosynthesis

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